Ultimate Professionalism

Read what colleagues say about John MacKenna's work.

It is a pleasure working with John. When we launched Tank Utility, we were targeting the consumer channel, and John’s writing helped us build momentum in the marketer channel, and we are now thriving there. He was genuinely interested in our tank monitoring product and asked great questions. I strongly recommend John to anyone who wants to build demand for their product.
— Nicholas Mashburn, Founder and President, Tank Utility
John is a quick study who researches, studies and really learns his topics and material to publish thorough articles. My experience with John is that he approaches articles by incorporating a broad range of perspectives to capture the bigger picture, and he also drills down into details that make his writing interesting, engaging and useful to readers. To achieve these results, he uses effective and friendly interviewing and research skills with multiple sources and follows new information that may take his topic in a different and richer direction. John also follows up to complete articles with tight deadlines on time. It is a pleasure to work with him.
— Roger Marran, President and CEO, Energy Kinetics, Inc.
John and I have worked together on a couple of articles about our company’s remote tank monitoring technology, and I have been very impressed with his ability to distill a lot of technical information into words that the end customer (retailer) could relate to. The case studies he wrote were a great source of information for companies looking at monitors but not sure what type or company to do business with.
— Hank Smith, President, Independent Technologies
The executives at Cargas love to do interviews with John. He is always well prepared and completely tuned in to what we are doing. His articles are always very informative and articulate.
— Julie Fuller, Sales & Marketing, Cargas
John MacKenna is a great business writer. He is quick to grasp new business trends. He understands business operations and has a knack for communicating them to a business audience in a clear, understandable and interesting way. His work is highly professional.
— Sean Cota, Principal, SeanCota.com
Creating content while facing the demands of a monthly deadline is not always concomitant with creative and compelling copy. Yet time and time again I have seen John MacKenna do just that, consistently delivering articles that are well researched, well written and well presented. His range of writing skills is impressive, tackling topics both technical in nature and more prosaic. A truly professional writer.
— Bill McDonough, Managing Partner, Scribendi Digital Marketing
John is an excellent writer who is very enthusiastic about ideas. He asks great questions that get to the heart of the matter. I am very passionate about my work, and it’s a pleasure to work with a writer who is passionate about ideas and expresses them so clearly
— Ralph Adams, President, Oil & Energy Service Professionals
John is a gifted storyteller who understands software and business very well. When he was editor of Oil & Energy, the magazine was the place to turn for thought leadership and best practices. It is a pleasure talking with John, because he understands the power of software.
— Mark Nardone, Owner, Blue Cow Software
John has assisted our firm with numerous energy industry magazine articles over the years on a variety of topics, and I strongly recommend him as a business writer. He is a smart interviewer who endeavors to understand the nuances of the industry he is profiling and has proven to be an articulate storyteller.
— Jeff Simpson, Managing Director, Angus Energy